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Thank you for your interest in our new and growing community. We started this Jiu Jitsu Federation to educate those with so called disabilities about the benefits of Jiu Jitsu. Our organizations focus is on bettering the lives of those new to or struggling with a so called disability. Jiu Jitsu teaches us how to use leverage, timing, and whatever mobility we have together to defend ourselves, and strengthen our bodies to achieve more of our goals in life.

"Jiu Jitsu Makes Us Equal" 


Jiu jitsu helps so many of us with our everyday routine. It strengthens our bodies, helps with trouble shooting through problems, surrounds us with positive helpful people and teaches us how to use and defend our bodies. . 


If you want to try Jiu Jitsu send us a message with a local business address near you, Name, explain your abilities and any concerns you have and we can help you find an academy near you. 

Maximiliano Ullork

IJJWLF Founder

Max has managed multiple employees, large construction projects and was responsible for the cost accuracy of many multimillion dollar bids and projects.

He also has been studying the art of Jiu Jitsu for over 14 years. Starting on his feet in 2008, and continuing his Jiu Jitsu path after a spinal cord injury in 2012. Max is always pushing forward perfecting his journey with a T5 Spinal Cord Injury.


All these skills, and knowledge, together with the desire to help others; is what motivated Max to start the IJJWLF, Without Limitations™  projects, and PJJmagazine.

"The progress we achieve for Adaptive Jiu Jitsu is done as a family, together as one. We listen to the community, It's not about making money or seeking recognition. It's about introducing Jiu Jitsu to those with limitations even if we have to test the comforts in our own daily routine.


I strongly feel that its Healing, Strengthening, Educating, and Self Defending benefits will help most struggling with a limited lifestyle.

believe in balance tho, Enjoying the Jiu Jitsu Lifestyle  without balance is pointless. Everyone should try new things. Try every adaptive opportunity you can find. Thats why I'm on a road trip for a couple years to seek out what is available. 

See you on the road!


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